The Power of Kindness…

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.”  —  Audrey Hepburn

I bought the little book – The Power of Kindness – a while back, and I read it in nearly one sitting.  I am now going back to read each chapter, absorbing what the lesson is trying to teach.

The chapters in order:

Honesty; Warmth; Forgiveness; Contact; Sense of Belonging; Trust; Mindfulness; Empathy; Humility; Patience; Generosity; Respect; Flexibility; Memory; Loyalty; Gratitude; Service; & Joy.

My sensibility tells me three things about kindness:

1.  There are people who are inherently kind.  They give freely, always live in the moment, and are so transparent that they are almost disturbing to others who tend to live within masks.  They celebrate people’s strengths and forgive weaknesses and always operate from a position of personal power.

2.  There are people who appear to be kind but are really unkind.  They say the right things to gain acceptance, love, power, etc., but their motives are tarnished with their insecurities and they live within masks that they think they need to get what they want.  They prey on weaknesses and discount strengths, maybe not outright, but certainly strengths are not acknowledged, and they ultimately push the first kind of people away.  Too much good just can’t be.  Those kind people can’t be that happy, can they?

3.  There are people moving between the two extremes.  They are neither kind nor unkind, but usually struggle to move from the latter to the former.

What are your thoughts on the subject of kindness?

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