2010 into 2011…what a year it’s been…what’s coming down the pipe?

When I started to think about what I had accomplished this year, and what I wanted to do next year (which starts in a few short hours)….I took a look back at where I was a year ago.

December 31st, 2009

Last year at this time, I was doing sets of 3 pushups from the floor – and I managed to get to 24.  Now, I can do sets of 9 (triple from last year!) and I can do 10 sets in one night – so from 24 to 90 (that’s not bad!).  Maybe not alot for some people, but for me that’s big news!  I can’t even believe sometimes where I was a year ago.  I wanted to reach my goal of 10 sets of 10, but I decided that can be the FIRST thing I do in 2011.  Kick it off with a bang…

I also hit another PR this year, very recently, that I am quite proud of.  I was able to do a sumo deadlift, for a whopping 133lbs.  That’s the bar plus a 20kg plate on each side.  I just never gave up, working away every week….and I found out that I am better doing less rather than push to do more.  You learn these things about yourself as you try out different techniques to achieve goals.  And, no matter how many times I slid backwards, and had to start at 65lbs again….I just kept pushing through it.  I more than doubled the weight I could lift in a matter of months.  Slow and steady progression….

Still haven’t managed a full chinup, but I have to have something to go for in 2011!!!

Started skipping this year too.  At first, I was awkward like a donkey, but after a little while it started to get easier.  I’m doing more difficult jumps, like double unders (only one at a time so far) and some single leg work.  It gets the heart pumping faster and I can time my intervals with my Gymboss, so that’s handy.

I switched from Greco this year to the Merivale Y.  That was a big change for me.  Letting go of my security blanket was necessary, for a whole host of reasons, with some helpful encouragement from my trainer, Brad (thank you!).  He’s been watching me get more proficient and confident in what I’ve been doing.  I felt like it was time to make some headway on my own terms.  Going to maintain a once a month check in to see what’s what, but other than that, I’m working on my own….

More things on the weightlifting side may come up for me in the new year.  I wrote the International Weightlifting Federation Referee Exam, and got 65% on the first pass through (need a 85% to pass) without really studying too hard.  I’m thinking about becoming a Ref for the Ottawa area.  Dan Robitaille is the President, who trains athletes out of the Merivale Y, and he has encouraged me to take the upcoming course he’s giving and write the test.  That’s happening in January/February.

All in all, it’s been a great year.  Next year will be even better.  Guaranteed!

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