Intro to Olympic Lifting – Day 1

Note: If someone still wants to join in at the YMCA (Nepean, on Merivale Road), call in, join up, and the Coach is willing to make up the first class with you and you can hop right into next week’s class with us!

Started the class this morning with two woman who are still training at Greco, and a gentleman who trains at the Y.  Daniel Robitaille (President of the Ontario Weightlifting Association) was the Coach, and Isabelle Després (an Olympic Lifting athlete who trains at the Y) helped as a facilitator.  We started slow and progressed along the different steps to properly execute the Snatch.  Due to some flexibility, back and strength issues, I’m still struggling a bit, but all in all, it was a pretty good morning.  I was able to do the upper portion of the Snatch with a light bar overhead okay, but it will take me a while to venture up to heavier weights – going to have to work on overall arm and upper strength.  One step at a time.  Also, instead of the deep squat at the bottom, I will be doing a split lunge movement.  More comfortable that way for me.  Will need to work on hip area flexibility to get down far enough and push my weight forward enough to be in the proper position. Something else to add to my training… it stands I’m there about 12 hours a week, and I can’t always seem to get everything done….oh boy.  🙂

Like everything else I’ve learned along the way….it may take me a bit of time to get something but I can eventually make it there.  I find the added exertion to be very taxing on my cardio endurance.  Skipping and reducing the intervals for 50 rotations has been helping, but I still get pretty burnt, just doing a few good movements.  I have to remember where I was a year ago and think about how far I’ve come and remember to BREATHE.

Next week is the technical movements for the Clean.

Looking forward to next week.

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