What scoliosis taught me (about myself)…

Over the last few months, I’ve been doing some thinking about my scoliotic back and how it has impacted me as a person.  My scoliosis is idiopathic in origin – meaning that is has an unknown origin.  There are studies online that indicate, depending on what type, that scoliosis could be anything from a muscular virus to skeletal to structural issues.

My spine has an S shape, twisted to the left, at a fairly significant degree.  Therefore, my left ribcage is also twisted.  This could have an impact on my when I’m older, as some scoliosis patients discover that they have heart and lung problems, mostly on their convex side.

I also had Harrington rods inserted along the length of my spine when I was 13, in 1987.  I had a brace on for 3 years at that point from the ages of 10-13.  Absolutely the most critical time for any girl when she’s growing up, and I was encased in a piece of plastic 23 hours a day, from my hip crease to just underneath my chest.  The hour I was out of my brace, I lounged around and jumped in the shower.  It was my little freedom every day, and I savoured it.

And, some women experience rod breakage as they get older.  I don’t want that, nor do I wish that upon anyone.  The rods doesn’t seem to have much of an impact on pregnancy, but I guess that depends on the woman.

So, what has my back taught me?  Patience, acceptance, and that you make the best of the hand you’re dealt.  Could be better, could be worse.  A co-worker of mine has a great saying…..it’s not whether your glass is half empty of half full….just be damned glad you got a glass at all.  She’s a bright lady.  🙂

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