Intro to Olympic Lifting – Day 2

The gang and I learned how to properly execute the Clean and Jerk today.  Much tougher than it looks, folks.  I focused on technique ONLY as I was a wee bit on the tired side.  It will be a while before I get anywhere with that….but that’s okay.  I know I move a little slower than most when it comes to strength gains.  I can live with that….

At the end, Dan got me to practice reffing….that was interesting.  You have to be very sure of what you’re doing when you do it.  Not unlike anything else I guess, but you just have to understand and see so much at once and make a CALL.  That’s going to be the practice part.  Understanding what to look for, timing…..all very interesting though.

The rest of the group is going to participate in a small competition at the end of the month in Ottawa at Capital Strength and Conditioning.  I will be shadowing the ref.

All in all, it’s a good course.  Lots of fun.

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