Olympic Lifting – Day 3 (and some other notes…)

I’ve had an up and down kind of week with not enough sleep.

Today we had another day of Olympic Lifting with Dan.  My friend Sam Dubé was at the Y coaching another Olympic athlete, Gabriel Beauchesne-Sévigny this morning in preparation for London 2012.  Very cool indeed….it’s neat to think that these people are there, training and achieving their goals.  Very inspiring.

So, I’m quickly learning that I need to work on being more assertive.  I have no problem when it’s someone or something I know, or something I’m comfortable with…but when it’s with someone or something new that I’m learning….acting is tougher than it looks.  If it didn’t impact someone else, or really matter, I wouldn’t care…

I’m also trying to decipher what it is that I’m looking for, in terms of the lift….and not being able to do them well myself, I have to have my brain on all the time watching, which I’m good at, but I get easily distracted.  Eventually a switch will go and it will all make sense.  It happens to me like this all the time and I know that’s the way I work.

Looking forward to next Saturday when we are going to a lifting meet at the Capital Weightlifting Club.  I will be shadowing an official at the event, so I imagine it’s going to be an interesting experience.

On another note….I attended a Storytelling in the Gaming Industry in Montreal on Wednesday (and whoever can make it to Montreal in less than 2 hours is lying to you).  I guess I never realized just how much people live and breathe gaming.  I will be making another post about my Montreal adventure on The Writers’ Room – Ottawa blog….stay tuned.


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