A frustrating day…

How many things can go wrong to one person in a day?  I try to remember that I have a glass, that it doesn’t always get filled up…sometimes things spill out.  I think it was that way for a few people around me.  Or so it seemed anyway.

I know I shouldn’t be attached to things…and perhaps this is my lesson for today.  And by things, I mean material things, the thoughts you have about yourself, the goals you set.  Sometimes you have to let things go to get them.  An odd concept, but does it work?  Probably.

I had some snafus today – I guess the least of which (but which costs me the most money…) is that I lost my expensive skipping rope.  It disappeared somewhere between the Y on Saturday afternoon and tonight.  It’s always in my gym bag.  It wasn’t when I got there today.  The only thing I can think of is that I left it behind on Saturday and someone picked it up.  My own fault, but still frustrating.  I came home, looked for it, couldn’t find it, and immediately ordered a new one.  In the grand scheme of things, it’s $60, but it’s still $60.  It was an investment.  I’m going to pretend that it broke and that I had to buy a new one.  🙂  And who knows, maybe it will show up somewhere.  Stranger things have happened, this month even.

All in all, if this is the kind of month I’ve been having…an ongoing series of irritants…then I want to win the lottery.  I think it’s only fair.  $50M.  I could solve and gain alot of problems with that kind of money, the least of which would be buying a new skipping rope.  It’s not a big dream or anything….I think it can happen.

I also saw a friend struggle with a lift at the gym today.  He is working towards his first meet on Saturday.  He was frustrated that what he thought he could do, he couldn’t.  He was having some trouble with his knee too, so that didn’t help.  He’s very patient with others, yet it seems that when it comes to his own expectations…not so much…he has a very short rope.  He’s a perfectionist — I get it.  I am too.  It’s frustrating to fail.  To miss the lift, or whatever else it is that you do in life.  It was interesting to see him all fired up, raw, emotional.  I like seeing people close to their limits.  It makes them more human.


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