Clean & Jerk…

The C&J is a metaphor for life really.  Let me explain.

The Clean – a weightlifting movement where you have to use strength and speed to get the lifted weight up to near your shoulders.  At some point, once you’re lifting heavier weights, you need to bring your legs into the movement and get underneath the weight into a full front squat.  Only then can you use what you’ve developed to lift the weight back up again to where it’s supposed to be.  You can probably lift alot of weight without squatting, but the bottom movement reminds you that you do need to have an extra reserve for those times when the world is just a little to tough, or when you take on new challenges.  You have to rely on your “inner” strength to get you through those times.  Muscling your way through will work, but is it the most effective way to get to where you want to go?  Not always.  Sometimes you have to tap into that inner strength to get the most out of the situation, and if others are under stress, they will also lean on you for that inner strength.

The Jerk – a weightlifting movement whereby with the most thrust possible you hoist and “catch” the weight that is on your deltoids straight above your head as your lower body extends into a high lunge type position.  You also have to be aggressive and get the weight up as quickly as you can.  Your lower body is the base from which all other movements happen and it keeps you grounded.  Then you recover by bringing your feet back together on the same plane.  Then you can lower the bar back to a starting position.  This movement is like the times when you need to get something done, you know you have to push through and sometimes with very tight deadlines.  You do it, and if you’re well prepared, you can rely on the position of your base (or inner strength) to give you the support you need to see whatever is is you’re doing through until the end.  Then you recover, meaning that whatever it is you’ve been doing has been successful and you can now take the time to reflect and relax a bit.

Anyway, these were just some of my observations during today’s class.  Being able to lift a weight in the shortest amount of time possible is also very taxing.  My poor little heart is having a hard time, but it will get better the longer I train at it.

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