The Art of Making Connections….

This is a repost…from another blog of mine, that I just found….from November 2006.  This was back when I weighed 220 lbs, when I wasn’t getting anywhere with work really, and just after my life changing car accident that woke me up to what the hell was going on.  I had just helped on a film shoot (that proved to go nowhere…) and had started publishing books.  It’s just over 4 years later….and lots has changed for me since then.  I’ve changed who I am, I do things now that I never even dreamed; people have come and gone, I’ve met lots of new friends; and, I’m back to many childhood things I once loved.  I’ve changed my whole life in certain respects…but still continue to make some silly mistakes sometimes….no one’s perfect.

Anyway…here it is….where I was on November 30, 2006.

the art of making connections (pt 1)

there are times in one’s life when you know you’re on the right track.  this is one of those times for me.

from time to time, i will blog ideas simultaneously.  what does this mean?  i may have several thoughts going through my head at any given time, and i try to find the connections between them all to make sense of what is going on around me.  i also have several different blogs about several different things.  the connection factor between all of them is me.  i may not always make sense to everyone.  for you, the reader (if there are going to be any that stumble upon this little part of the internet that i inhabit) i can only hope that sometime i make enough sense for you to read.  enjoy.

the art of making connections (pt 2)

i’m interested in the art of making connections.  that’s what i’m about.  i ask people questions.  i see what is going on with them.  i try to make a connection.  i will share information i have if it can help someone else in some way.

i think this is what is missing from most people’s lives.  why are we stuck behind cubicle walls, always trying to dodge the boss when s/he comes strolling by?  why aren’t we engaged, talking about important subjects and what kind of impact they have on the organizations we work for?  why don’t we take more time together in coffee shops and other common gathering areas as DISCUSS?  why don’t we share important information that could change someone’s life.

i suppose much of this “social networking” phenomenon has moved out of the “brick and mortar” world and into the bits and little electrical impulses that move across wires or through the air.  however, in the end, aren’t we all looking for that “real” connections.  they can be human contact, a place to be accepted as  perfect just the way you are.  they can happen online, and certainly the online space has led us down a path to a compressed world, about one one hundredth the size it was when i was just a kid (not that long ago, relatively).

my cousin said to me a few weeks ago that an average human suffers as much stress in a day today, as the same human 100 years ago would have suffered in an year.  what?   i turned and asked my uncle what the most stressful thing that he had going on in his life when he was growing up and he said, half joking, how to get from the farmhouse out to the drinking hole on a saturday night.  imagine.

i’m sure times were much harder than he jokingly let on (since my father and his family grew up during the depression), but i’m sure it paled in comparison to today’s stressful standards.  much of what we stress over today isn’t even necessary to live a happy little life.  we don’t need to fill gas tanks with over priced oil products to sit in traffic for mulitple hours to get to a job that does not meet the basic needs of someone’s soul, only to turn around in 8 hours and battle traffic again to shuttle children around like cattle, or, if you are childless, to fill our lives with “activities” so that we don’t feel so alone.

we’ve lost the art of connecting.  i’m hoping as i learn, i can share with you, the reader, what it is that makes our lives worth living.

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