When your body needs rest, do you let it?  I have a definite problem.  I usually just go, go, go…then crash out.  It’s not the best method, I have to tell you.  I should know better by now….

2011 has been an interesting ride so far.  I feel like I haven’t stopped since the calendar changed over and here we are at the end of another month.  I’m attempting some new things this year and trying to stay sane while doing it.  It’s not always easy.  New things on the go:

1.  Beginning Olympic Weighlifting

2.  Studying to become a Ref is Olympic Weightlifting

3.  Being a virtual assistant to a screenwriter in Montreal

4.  Writing for a friend’s sports blog

5.  Starting The Writers’ Room Ottawa

….and keeping up with most of my other projects and work.  I love it all, but sometimes…..I’m tired.  Going to try to take a wee bit of time this weekend for me….

Take some time to enjoy peace.  It will give you the strength to get through the rest of the hectic times.

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