A week off….

…from nearly everything – the gym, writing, being good food -wise, lack of sleep…..

It’s like I’ve been on Spring Break and I never had to go anywhere.  Since last fall, I feel like I’ve been mostly running around and realized a wee bit ago that I needed to slow down but I didn’t see any gap of time in sight.  It’s funny….but my computer disaster actually allowed me the excuse to stop everything for a bit of time.  I’ve been sleeping better, eating like it’s going out of style, and not feeling generally run over.  It’s been a great week….so, for every black cloud there is a silver lining.

I’m back into everything Monday, and it will be good.  Hopefully I will have some news on my poor little computer by then too…..

So, the moral of the story, if you need a break take it, no matter what form it comes in.  It could probably do you some good.



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One response to “A week off….

  • Mary Constance

    I agree, sometimes we don’t feel like we can take a break, some “me time”, whatever you want to call it. But the return to focus you get from downtime allows the rest of your life to flow more smoothly. Hope this upcoming week goes well.

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