Sometimes I watch the show on TLC, Hoarders – Buried Alive – and I think how easy it would be to keep everything – every last little bit of your life, all within eyeshot, so one can be the master of their entire domain.  I think someone humans just have a natural affinity for collecting things, lots of things – whether material, animal or financial.  What purpose do these “things” serve?  The answer to that question is likely as varied as the human population itself, although many would think it comes down to some sort of psychological or traumatic event in the person’s past.

I collect things too.  I love paper and I have a habit of keeping little bits of paper as reminders of things I’ve done – tickets to concerts, receipts for things.  All kinds of little pieces of paper.  I’ve done this for nearly 30 years.   From time to time, I go through the papers, carefully sifting through the archeology and strata of my life…and I remove a few.  Receipts I will never need or that hold no “value”.  I keep the treasures….they have a magical hold on me.

I keep the ones that bring back some kind of memory – I remember when I wrote something, who I was with at a movie, or where I was at the time.  It’s like a running paper trail of my life.  I get great satisfaction from going through my “papers” every once in a while, remembering.  I know that is alot of living in the past.

I collect other things too, but my most treasured are my family and friends.  I’ve been reacquainting myself with some family members over the past few months.  That has been great.  I also find myself closing the circle on my number or good friends.  I have lots of acquaintance type people in my life, and a very small group of people I actually consider good friends, and an even smaller group of friends who have been with me since near the beginning.  They are my true treasures.

Honour your treasures….keep the things you love closest to you.

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