65Kg Sumo PR tonight…and the art of perseverance

So, it appears that a week off was AOK in my books 🙂

I hit a new PR of lifting very heavy weight off the ground (for me) – 65kgs in the Sumo deadlift.  Surprising how quiet your mind has to be before you attempt something new.  Like the fog has to clear and then it just happens.  I did 3 reps at each weight – 20, 30, 40 – and I was going to do 45kgs and I put on 50kgs instead, knowing I could always go back down to 45 if I had to.  I wanted to do 1, just 1, and I did it.

If you’ve followed the progression of my sumo deadlifts, you will know that I was barely lifting 65lbs back in 2010, and it was a struggle at that.  Tonight, I lifted 144lbs.  I can’t even believe it to be honest.

Becoming friends with Isabelle and writing for her blog got me thinking about how much I did not participate in sports when I was a kid.  I wasn’t all that co-ordinated (although I did step-dancing for a number of years too), and I was always slow to pickup on “rules of the game”.  Everything seemed to complicated…Therefore, I was always picked last.  I hated having things come flying at my head too (thank you volleyball).  I was great at Dodgeball (go figure).

Discovering my own rythm, my own sense of timing……like how I struggled for so long with the sumo deadlift at a mere 65lbs.  Week after week, I would go back to that weight.  At one point I was inching up by a pound a week when I was doing the conventional deadlifts.  My trick is to stick with something until I can overcome the obstacles in my way.  Like chipping away at a stone.  I’m beginning to realize, and maybe I knew all along….when it comes to physical activity, I don’t move at the same pace as other people….but damn, I keep trying til I get to where I want to go.  And, when other people have usually moved on, I’m only picking up speed.  I try to spread this over to other areas of my life too.

I really wish I had taken up strength training and weight lifting sooner.  I think it would have been one thing, when I was a kid, that I could have excelled at during gym class.  I’m sure glad I found it when I did.

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