You say more than you think…

I started reading this book, You Say More Than You Think.  So far, it’s cleverly written and provides some valuable insights into body language and how to study people (mostly to tell if they are lying), and what they are telling you without saying anything at all.

It’s structured in a 7-day exercise format (which I may have to do over an extended period…) and to begin, it asks you to do a short exercise where you look at the 10 largest objects in your bedroom for 30 seconds….then you write down the 10 smallest items.  It’s an exercise on observation of the things in the periphery, the things that you’re not meant to concentrate on.  When you’re looking at the big picture, do you also notice the details….apparently, I do.

Then, it asks you to describe yourself, answer some questions, shoot a short video and describe your parents in three words.  These beginner exercises are meant to get you to think differently about what kind of energy you put into the world on a daily basis and where some of your long held beliefs about people and their expressions stem from.

I asked my good friend Julie to describe my parents in three words – another exercise to see how your view differs from those that are close to you.  It suggests to do it with siblings too, but I haven’t gotten there yet!  We had some of the same words, but she saw and mentioned things that I didn’t.

I will let you know how my experiments go with the exercises and what I learn.  All in all, it will be a good way to develop skills of observation, and it should improve my writing…..

As if I didn’t freak people out enough already…..  🙂

P.S.  Hit another PR tonight at the gym – Dumbell Press for 35lbs, 3 sets of 6.  And, a nice young man named John, who I’ve been chatting with lately, called me “lovely”…

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