Mind Reading…

I have never pretended to be a mind reader, but I do see patterns and things below the surface that other people may miss.  I understand, if you believe astrology at all, that this has something to do with where your moon is placed.  Mine, according to some charts, is in Scorpio.  So…

This would lead me to believe that I can probably see the underneath of things that everyone keeps very well hidden (even from themselves).  Dark, deep secrets.  Or, I could be full of shit.  Take your pick.

Everything is made up, people.  The things we “do” everyday just occupy us until we die.  The things that matter are your connections with people – of any sort – family, friends, enemies, etc.  Make the most of the time and connections you have.  Our world depends on it.

Make art, resolve conflict, dance, do something useful.  You are a blessed person to be standing in the presence of the fiery ball of light we call the sun, breathing oxygenated air through an elaborately controlled system of electric impulses.

There will never be another you.  Why are you wasting time on shit that doesn’t matter?

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