Objective perspectives….

I always finding it interesting to “see” friends through someone else’s eyes.  It gives you a complete perspective on a person, or at least a different perspective…and sometimes things that happened in your past all of a sudden take on a whole new meaning and make more sense than you ever realized.  It really wasn’t you.  It was them after all.  And you were simply along for the ride.

Life has a funny way of throwing people together to see what comes about.  Life has a funny way of making sense years after the fact.  Life has a funny way of making fun of you.  Life has a funny way of being way too short.

An Ottawa writer passed away on Sunday.  His name was John Lavery.  I will always remember him taking a keen interest in my screenwriting.  I pitched him “Malachi’s Wake” one night a very long time ago when I didn’t even have the story ironed out.  He was intrigued, he kept asking me about it whenever I saw him.  If this movie ever sees the light of day, I’m going to dedicate it to him.  Now I have to finish it.  And I have to make it better than I ever imagined it could be.


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