A product of 80s TV commercials….

I wore a new t-shirt out last night…I got it this week.  It’s a Smurfette t-shirt.  I was thinking today about the consumer culture that I grew up in, and how it impacted me.  I was from a small town, so I was mostly kept away from the lot of it, but damn those TV commercials.  Barbie, Smurfs, Battle of the Planets (G-Force)….damn them all.  There was also Transformers, My Little Ponies, Pound Puppies, Cabbage Patch Kids….what crazy fad didn’t I follow?  I was a child of the early 80s, for sure.

Let’s start with Barbie.  We girls can do anything.  Right, Barbie?

Barbie could be, and was, everything.  Doctor, Vet, Cowgirl, Office Worker (Day to Night), Superstar, Rocker (Barbie and The Rockers….yes, I had her).  And, she was also a glamour queen – Golden Dream (my first when I was 5) Peaches and Cream, Twirly Curl (with rodeo hair 🙂 ).  And that chick, she had everything: a horse named Dallas, a Pink and Silver Corvette (and in the late 80’s a Ferrari) a Motor Home, a Dream Cottage, a bathtub and shower, her own Salon (do you want streaks? LOL!), and lord knows what else.

All in all, she’s had more than 125+ careers…and all the cool accessories that a girl could ever want.

My mom still harbours all my barbies at her house (I don’t even remember how many I had…).  I will have to dig them all out someday.

And, funny enough…I never bought one Ken doll.  I could go into a whole dissertation about why…but I’ll save that for another time, perhaps.

Smurfs – and Smurfette

She was the one girl, in a land of boys.  She was blond.  She was cute.  All the boys liked her.  She was popular.  She was coy.  Enough said.

Battle of the Planets (G-Force) and being Princess

I liked the little kooky one…Key-Op.  Even named a cat after that character (much to the wonderment of some of my friends….you know who you are, Julie.)  Although, inside I probably secretly wanted to be Princess.  She was cool, she wore a cape, and she was the girl that the Mark and Jason fought over.  Or, did I even know what the hell, back then?  Bah.

It’s funny to think of all the hours I spent watching TV and the hundreds of hours of commercials I must have been subjected to….how do they reach kids now since the media landscape has changed?

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