Modeling….1993-1996 (or so…)

Modeling can be a shallow business, and I took it up between 1993 and 1996.  Something inside me wanted to project beauty.  To be beautiful.  I was a little older, so I didn’t buy into the carrot stick and water diets, or that I had to shave inches off my legs.  I did it for amusement.  I never made much money, and I did bridal shows around Ottawa for fun.  The bridal designers loved me because I had curves, whereas the younger girls didn’t, and I was the perfect size 10.  Bridal material.  I remember Dwight Saunder’s shop down on Somerset.  I loved his stuff.

I mostly enjoyed the ability to become another person through the lens of a camera.  I enjoyed costumes and putting on a new layer of skin.

Even today, I will rarely buy a ready-made costume at Hallowe’en.  I like making something custom.  It suits me better.  Unique.

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One response to “Modeling….1993-1996 (or so…)

  • tammy

    Hi Jen:
    Just checked out your blog-great stuff. Like the last post about being importance of uniqueness (ie. Halloween costume).
    Thanks for organizing linchpin group.

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