Boundaries and comfort….

I have a little cat.  She doesn’t like people much.  Or, at all, really.  You will never see her unless you are a) me, b) living in my house for about a month, c) the vet (which has only happened the once).

She never comes to greet me when I come home.  Most often she hisses at me as I’m walking up the stairs before she sees me.  Her personality bounces well off my other cat who is a larger lumbering tabby with a whining heart of gold….just feed him.  Otherwise, he’s just annoying.

All of this to say, she will come within nose sniffing distance of my hand if she’s feeling generous.  It’s a mood thing.  The ONLY (and I stress that word for a reason) time she will let me really “touch” her is when I’m lying down, either couch or bed.  It’s like she knows when I’m not threatening.  She’ll come up, look for love, walk on my legs taking the short cut rather than around me, and generally lap up any attention I give her.  She doesn’t have to rationalize her behaviour.  She just is.  I accept her.  She’s a great little cat.  I wouldn’t trade her for anything.

She has her boundaries, but they change.  Not that they make sense to me, but they must be instinctively with her for a reason.  She was a little stray when she was given to me.  Just a few weeks old.  I’ve never laid a finger on her (how could I?).  She just is the way she is.

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2 responses to “Boundaries and comfort….

  • Julie Laurin

    Your cat is the complete opposite of my cats. They’re brothers – they were rescue cats and both purred the minute I held them. Both follow me around, no matter what room I’m in. One of them even lays down right next to the keyboard whenever I’m working. They’re fascinating little creatures.

    Who knows, maybe your little one will become more cuddly with age. But if not, it’s as you said: just how she is. 🙂

  • mizmulligan

    Funny too, they both love being in the same room as me…just not “near” me. Ah, I chalk it up to “cats”! 🙂

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