Being open to experiences…

My friend and I were joking tonight that I must have turrets with a sprinkle of amnesia (new DSMV term: Turnesia.  I will let them know).  When I recount a story that happens to me, and the nature of the dramatic events in the story, she thinks that I must have instigated something to cause the wholly unpredictable “event” to happen.  No, I confidently tell her.  Not at all.  Perhaps I do have amnesia because it often seems that what happens must have been precipatated by something!  I try not to actively look for drama, or at least I don’t think I do (one of my secret life goals is to be an eccentric recluse, so how can that be?), BUT, it always seems to find me.  I’m a magnet.  But then I think!  What great stories and experiences I have.  And maybe that’s it.  I’m fairly open to experiences….and maybe that’s part of it.  When you’re open, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking or not.  Things come your way….good and bad.

Perhaps.  I will have to think on this.  Hmmm….



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