If the world were the other way around…

Two interesting conversations that I was either a part of or overheard today, that if the way the world worked was in fact the other way around, no one would ever go for…

1.  Imagine if someone told a full-time working artist (take any discipline from actor to xylophone instructor), that in order to feel more fulfilled, they should become an office administrator as a hobby.

My analysis:  Office administration is seen as something like a “real” job, while Art is something “most” people consider as a “hobby” that should balance out your “real” life.  Mostly everyone loves art, or artistic things, or likes to support something artistic, BUT, it’s not considered real life.

2.  That no one should ever get paid for creative work they do.  If I didn’t pay for something that someone created, but I’m not using it to get any financial reward, everything’s cool.

My analysis:  Loads of people make use of content that isn’t theirs.  Not rightfully.  “Personal use” does not mean that because you “can” get something for free, that you can “use” it whatever way you want.  Someone had to create that thing you just saw/used/etc., and chances are it wasn’t you.  You do not hold any “rights” to it, unless you purchase it.  People deserve to get paid for the work they do, whether you agree or not.

In reference to #1 above – wouldn’t you be pissed to go to “real” work for 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year (maybe with a few holidays thrown in) and not get paid?

Think about that for a second as you contemplate #2.

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