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Exercise Killed The Cardio Star

And….  We’re back.  Back at the Y that is.  Haven’t really been there for well over 6 months.  I noticed in my log book that I did go a few times in December, but that was short-lived.  Tonight I was back, with a vengeance…or at least with a small roar.  My goal is to start back twice a week, then increase to 3-4 times again.  I can do it!  Need to carve that time out again.  It fell off my life radar.

5 things I noticed tonight…having been away for so long…that I’d like to share with you.

1.  Can’t eat the same volume of food without exercise.  Hence, going back to gym.  With summer coming and food and beer to be had, that whole gaining weight thing will come to an end.  Not that I have, really, gained anything…I’ve fluctuated between 162 and 169 for the past 6 months, which in my books is awesome since that’s only maintenance through eating.  If you want to know how I do that, get in touch with me.

2.  My lungs and heart will need to be coaxed into giving me the same level of effort that I had grown accustomed to.  And, my lungs and heart were pretty weak to begin with…  I had a wee flashback to that first night at Greco in 2007 tonight.  Not as bad, just a wee flashback.  But, I managed to get through my entire list of exercises, and even did a little more than the minimum, not with weight (which will take me a while to get back to) but with volume of exercises.  It only took me an hour and forty minutes.  I think that’s pretty darn good.

Here’s the list:

500 skip rotations (50 per 1 min on/1 min off)

3 sets of Triple Extensions (4) – Hang Power Clean (2) – Overhead Presses (3 – back and front) with a 15kg bar

Dumbbell Presses 2 sets of 8 with 20lbs; 2 sets of 15 with 15 lbs

Chinup Holds at parallel to bar 5 sets ranging in hold times of 7-10 seconds approx.

Hamstring curls on a machine 3 sets using 20lbs

3.  A 15kg bar is heavy if you haven’t lifted it in a while.  But, the weight feels good in your hands.  It’s a little addicting.

4.  I immediately wanted to eat a salad afterwards.  I felt awake and I didn’t want to eat crap.  I like exercising for this very reason.  Natural stimulant.

5.  I enjoy exercising.  I missed it.  I know this might sound ridiculous, because who enjoys exercising, right?  It goes back to me being more present in the moment and having to focus on something physical rather than the mental processes always going on in my head.

That’s all for now, folks.

Goodnight crazy world.