All the parts of me…

Below is my horoscope for today… but first, a little about someone I was.

When I was 15, I was enamored with rock bands…  the glam, pop, sleazy rock of the late 80s and early 90s, along with the coming of the alternative and industrial scenes that I was introduced to through my good friend, Germain.

In my high school year book, it’s where I saw myself…  handing out flyers for unsigned rock bands in LA…  it’s part of my makeup, part of me.  I’ve always loved music.  My first “tape” was Loverboy, a gift from a sibling.  But, I had been corrupted at an early age with their rock music – KISS (and that cover that gave me nightmares as a kid) and Joan Jett’s – I Love Rock n’ Roll (and indeed I do).

Over the years, my tastes haven’t wandered far…  but they have changed here and there.  I still enjoy everything, except hardcore country…but that’s mostly pop these days anyway.  I’ll listen to Rammstein or Apocalyptica along side Alanis and Feist along side U2 and REM.  It has to have something for me to hold onto, a riff or a lyric.  Something with some meaning, some give, some love or pain (in whatever twisted form that happens to take on).

I’ve seen more live shows this past year than I have in many years.  I recently attended the Ottawa Rock Lottery where Ottawa bands drew names and teamed up with each other in just 24 hours to put together a 30 minute set.  It was pretty awesome.  It’s always amazing how talented people are under pressure.

I like rhythms, the beats behind the song, a secret language of time and pace and tempo.  I took a song writing workshop last year, and my eyes opened up to the pattern.  It’s simple…  You tell the first part of your story, the second part of your story, then how it all went to hell, then how it all works out in the end (but not necessarily for the better).  There is magic, but it’s not what I thought.  It’s what we do everyday.  We tell each other stories.  It’s how much meaning we put behind the stories in songs that make them magical (kinda like making movies, a moving story).

So, music is a part of me.  A part like writing and art that I shelved for lack of time or interest.  I’m glad that it’s a patient with me.  I’m glad that it’s taking me back.

Horoscope for June 7th, 2012:

Whether you choose to acknowledge her or not, there is a child inside of you who needs tending, Jennifer. You are all grown up, and proud of who you have become. And well you should be. But we are all the sum total of who we once were. Today’s planetary positions suggest that you spend some time acknowledging the various parts of your past. That includes the good parts as well as the not-so-good parts. It is only after you have integrated all these different elements of yourself that you can truly be the person you are meant to be.

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