You are shitting in my mouth and calling it a sundae. — Ronnie Dobbs

This, folks, is perhaps one of the best lines in all television.  🙂  I miss Mr. Show like hell.  Have a watch of Fuzz The Musical.  Fucking gold.

Don’t ask me to believe your bullshit because I never will.  I tend to have enough of my own.  Thanks.  If someone isn’t mature enough to understand how they choose every action they take, they cannot convince me that they’re innocent in all matters.  Please don’t shit in my mouth and call it a sundae.

People will conveniently put themselves in certain situations in order to get what they want.  Or to get something from someone.  Or for whatever reason.  People are simple.  I’m simple.  No one is immune.  I think it might even be called survival.

You can’t bullshit a bullshitter…  and writers, that’s what we tend to do for a living.  We make things up.  We observe people and their idiosyncrasies.  We write what we know, but we also write what we see.  We actually write bullshit for a living, and can usually see it coming before it lands in our mouth.

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