Bluesfest: Day 2: LMFAO

Things that happened today:

1. I picked up a Bluesfest pass from a friend, so I will be there many many times. Thank you, Kimberly.

2. My friend Ben had his motorbike stolen, so we went to see LMFAO together.

3. My friend Kris had his bike stolen, so he put a curse on the thief to get run over by a short bus.

4. Many many parents brought their little kids to see the Party Rockers, LMFAO… And we’re talking little kids – like 4 and 5 and shit. Sex, booze, girls and boys wiggling… I guess it’s like an adult version of the Romper Room…

5. Apparently I get blamed for Ben being late, because I’m his driver. I told him to fuck off.

P.S.: LMFAFUCKINGO – what I’m choosing to call them now – delivered the goods. It twas a great show.

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2 responses to “Bluesfest: Day 2: LMFAO

  • Ben

    no one really noticed i was late… so you did not get blamed…
    (thus the ‘fuck you’ was unwarranted)
    i showed up just as things were really getting started…
    so really i showed up at the best possible time…
    the eve went smoothly.
    thank you for the start of a much better evening than the start of my day.

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