All the shit you never see…

I remember in a leadership class I was in… A picture of an iceberg. It was a profile, and you could clearly tell that about 90% of it was submerged. It was a metaphor for the fact that we only ever usually let other people see about 10% of who we are. Some people are capable of more and especially in intimate relationships. Some people don’t ever show you anywhere near 10%.

Let’s just say that over the past while, I was reminded how much people show me. Someone in your life may be hurting. They may not even understand themselves that there is an iceberg underneath just waiting to destroy them. They have to sink, but they do not have to drown.

Dark nights happen to people to wake them up. I’ve had plenty of them. But the moon goes below the horizon at some point and dawn arrives. We must wait for dawn, and hope that the 90% doesn’t kill us while we sleep.

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