The FEAR of being found out…

Had an interesting conversation tonight with some of my fellow writing peeps…  We were discussing the FEAR we have of being found out that we actually don’t know what the hell we’re doing most of the time as a “writer” or an “artist” or an “employee” or “whatever it is you really really want to be”.

We fret and regret about the outcomes of things that have happened, and we worry about the things that haven’t happened yet.  We have a hard time living in this moment.  Breathing into the fear.

Some people boldly go.  They take giant leaps without looking, and fake it til the make it on through.  I’ve had conversations with these people.  Generally, it’s all worked out well.  They break ground and they make things happen. Caution to the wind.  Explorers without a map or a compass.  They might be screwed, or they might discover something great.  Like failure.

Nothing teaches you more about life, love, art, and death, than failure.  Nothing.  You remove masks when you fail.  It peels away your skin.  It exposes you for who you really are, as opposed to the person you think you should or want to be.

We might be insane to worry about things that haven’t happened yet, but I think we all might do it from time to time.  The story in our head is sometimes much worse than anything that could happen.  We lie and say everything’s alright to make ourselves feel better.  We give our greatest FEAR legs by imagining it into existence.

Your mind does create your reality.  If we do something in one direction, it doesn’t mean you close yourself off to all other directions, it just means that you haven’t gotten to where you need to be yet, and that’s okay.

It’s okay to be spontaneous and impatient sometimes.  It gets you to see things in a different way.  It moves you in a direction.

It’s okay to not let FEAR run your life all the time.




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