Saying goodbye for a while…

I was wondering why over the past few months I was feeling disconnected from everyone…  I have all these ridiculously wonderful friends that I love, that I never see.  I see their posts on Facebook, and I see them doing things at a distance.  I hang out with some of my new friend folks from time to time, but not my super close friends.  Not my childhood friends.

A former co-worker contacted me today to find out where I was…  I had dropped off the radar of work life.  He noticed, because that’s the way he is.  Then I realized I hadn’t talked to another friend I had worked with for YEARS in over a year.  I immediately called her to reconnect.

I was wondering if I was alone in the way I felt.  I am not.

Facebook is real in the way that money is real.  It’s a representation, a currency.  It’s the thing between friends.  It serves a purpose, but it’s slowly becoming less and less important to me.

I’m going to be signing off Facebook for a while, that portion anyway.  I still have several things I manage that I’ll have to check in on, but I’m effectively taking everyone out of the Newsfeed.  I tried it for a few weeks now, cutting down on the noise, and it seems to be working.

I still have an interest in what’s going on with you, and I want to hear about and share in your life.  But, I’d rather go for a coffee, or catch up over lunch or a beer at one of Ottawa’s fabulous new breweries.  They’re all over the place.  If you want to do that, check my Contact Page.  I’m around and I love to chat.

If I’m involved with something, please continue to send me messages on Facebook.  I will check, but it just may be more sporadic, and I usually get items sent to my phone.

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