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Daily Protein

One trick I learned at Greco with respect to keeping my weight in check was eating more protein. Or taking it as a supplement to my diet. As a woman, I hardly ever eat enough. It took reprogramming my brain to figure that out. Protein has a thermogenic quality. It burns more calories with its nutritional breakdown in your stomach. And, it’s used to build you, so best to eat higher quality protein.

If you can add just a few ounces of some kind of protein at every meal – cheese, cottage cheese, eggs, salmon, tuna, chicken, etc., and cut back a bit on the wheat or high sugar carbs, you’ll notice a difference. Especially at breakfast. I started back to taking a high quality protein shake (Greco brand) in the morning, and I no longer have the cravings that I had just a few weeks ago. It’s an organic whey protein from… New Zealand… But you can find high quality ones that are cheaper. Watch for filler ingredients and high carb counts. You want your protein to yield as much per scoop as possible to get the full benefit. Not all protein supplements are created equal.

The guys at FitShop or Popeyes are on hand to help you out.


CMW: The Wrap

So, it’s been a little over a week since my Canadian Music Week Adventure started in Toronto…  I almost didn’t make it there, with the shit weather on the 401 and me facing two oncoming transport trucks.  Not a good time, but the rest of the week made up for it…  in spades.

Here’s the lineup I caught on stage…

Day 1: Steven Branchaud (Brantford), The Pistolwhips (Saskatoon), 20 Amp Soundchild (Pickering), Riding Shotgun (Toronto), Short of Able (Edmonton), Wildheart (Toronto), and London Swagger (Oshawa).

Day 2: Tim Chaisson (PEI), Rob Moir (Toronto), The White Buffalo (LA), Hunter Valentine (Toronto), The Suppliers (Calgary), The Ins & Outs (Montreal), and The Mercury Now (Toronto).

Day 3: Day Off

Day 4: Strangers (Sydney, AUS), Static In The Stars (Vancouver), Dearly Beloved (Toronto), Bend Sinister (Vancouver), Holy Toledo! (Toronto) and Thee Attacks (Copenhagen).

Day 5: Strangers (Sydney) and Dirty Water (Toronto)

Day 6: Blackie Jackett Jr. (Toronto), Scott Kempner and Glen Matlock.

5 Days: 25 shows. I could have seen a million more bands, big shows, more popular people…  Next year is all out.

During those 6 days, I was also a PA on two movie sets, all-day shoots, and attended a panel about the state of the Canadian Film Industry…  And I watched a whole lot of TRASH TV in my hotel – Vanderplump Rules, Real Housewives of Vancouver, an entire Bar Rescue Marathon, and the pilot episode of Bates Motel (which was alright!).

A Movie for Every Year Of My Life: 1975

Rocky Horror Picture Show…  I saw it the first time when I was 15 or so…  So classic.

Release date: September 26, 1975…


CMW Day 6 – Small venues/Big shows

My last night in town, and I finally made it to Rivoli. Had a chat with the bar manager as I waited for the venue to open up. He’s been doing the Queen Street thing for 23 years. Working in different bars, as security and staff. Neat guy. Had many stories to tell. He was lamenting the fact that the young folks didn’t know who some of the old time musicians were… It was a funny conversation.

I saw Blackie Jackett Jr, Scott Kempner and Glen Matlock. There’s just something spectacular about seeing these musicians in small venues, on a stage with mostly their acoustic instruments. I was thoroughly impressed…

Had a chat with Jimmy, from Blackie Jackett Jr., and his wife about music and movies and such. I thought they should come and play in Ottawa, for sure. They’re the kind of band who would totally fit on the Bluesfest River Stage and probably draw a significant crowd. They have this contemporary rockabilly sound with some catchy lyrics that made you want to sing along.

About movies, Jimmy said he’s been kicking around some short film ideas, and I was telling him about Digi60 180 and that they were looking for filmmakers from other cities. He wanted to see some of the stuff I’d been working on, so I’m going to send him my work. Could be fun to do a collaboration with him.

Then I finished out the week meeting up with Ian again at Bovine. Interesting lad. He was making some broad assumptions about why I had chosen to come to CMW and he thought that I would have more interest in NXNE. That may be true… But the way I see it, I’m a fan of music, and I would much rather see musicians in small venues sometimes… There’s less BS and I can actually see them and maybe even talk to them after. Going to a huge concert is fun too, but I’ve always enjoyed smaller shows. Makes it more real and interactive.

I’ll probably do one more entry about CMW as a wrap up about this incredible experience. Stay tuned.

CMW Day 5 – When I was too sore to walk

Live blog about last night from Rivoli…

On Saturday, I had a Charlie horse so bad that I could barely walk at one point… I still went out last night but it was pretty quiet in comparison to other nights. I checked out Strangers, from the land down under, again at The Hideout and then went to Cherry for Dirty Water, a band from Toronto.

A young gentleman bought me a shot of whiskey. Irish. Then I was introduced to Dropkick… A huge monster of a guy…

As I started to walk back, I was in so much pain. Next year… Better shoes.

Now, another night in a small venue with really great musicians…

The first band is about to go on… Blackie Jackett Jr.

I honestly was thinking that I should have moved to Toronto about 20 years ago… Who knows where my life would have been. But… I’m here now… And that’s what matters.

I’ll be back next year…. For surzeez.

CMW Day 4 – Many Convergent Things

As I watch Seven on TV, I’m going to reflect on the things that happened today…

14 hours on a film set working with a talented team was pretty cool. I didn’t make it to Sandra Bernhard, despite being in the building, but I did end up seeing her in the performers entrance where we were shooting today. It’s odd seeing celebrities in the wild because they’re people first and foremost, doing a job… Same with the principle actor on set. He’s just a total pro.

Then I took a small breather and went to Cherry Colas for Strangers and Static In The Stars where I ran into friends Lisa and Ben, from Ottawa, of all people, in all places.

Then Ian from the Rawk and I went to Bovine Sex Club for Dearly Beloved and The Hideout for Bend Sinister and then back to Cherry’s for Holy Toledo and Thee Attacks.

Then we got talking with the Australian band, Strangers, they’re loving Canada. Just coming off SXSW, and heading to New York City on Monday. Totally cool guys. And they spend time in Melbourne as a regular gig. So I told them about Mary Mae. They were totally impressed that a movie I wrote was playing over there and that they were playing over here. Thought it was a pretty small world.

So far this week has been fairly excellent!

CMW Interrupted… Day 3

Sometimes you just gotta go with what’s in front of you.

Had planned on the Canadian Film Fest panels. Ended up at The State of The Canadian Film Industry. Lots of discussion around the mergers, Starlight, disruptive/crowdsource funding… And do we really need to differentiate Canadian cinema or is it just great storytelling.

Then I got pulled into yet another film set as a PA/Wardrobe Assistant with a wrap at 10:30pm. So, with the early call time, and my long day, I’m gonna chill tonight and get back in it tomorrow. I probably missed some shows I wanted to see… Oh well. There’s still three more nights, and since I got a jump on the set, I think I’m in a better position than going in blind in the morning.

By the way, The Elgin and Winter Garden Theater is a beautiful venue. If you get a chance to see something there, do it. Spectacular.

Until tomorrow.