Canadian Music Week, a short film, and some away time for Jen

Very excited, because next week, I’m taking a breather from this life, and heading down to the Big Smoke for about 6 days of fun and frolic.  I’m taking in Canadian Music Week (as much as I can cram in) and helping out on a short film shoot with a director from Montreal on Friday and Saturday, at the historic Elgin and Winter Garden Theaters.

I’m taking suggestions for those “must not miss bands”…   I don’t know all that’s going on out there. I’ll be writing a short review, much like I did after last year’s Bluesfest of who I saw, why I liked them, and my overall impressions for the night.

Also, I’ve been helping out on the Ottawa Music Index, so I’ll be schmoozing where I can for them and trying to make some inroads.


Click here for the schedule.

Should be a most excellent week!  😉  (Cue wailing guitars!)

I watched Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure about a thousand hundred million times in my youth. I had it memorized. Word. For. Word.  If you don’t believe me, you can ask my mom. She had to sit through it.

Here’s a clip:



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