CMW Day 1 & Day 2

Day 1:

I’m digging the lineups at Cherry Cola’s on Bathurst. Small venue about half the size of Zaphod’s, combined with scary good music, so tight. I saw the following up and coming acoustic and rock bands…

Steven Branchaud – acoustic

The Pistolwhips – rock solid

20 Amp Soundchild – decent

Riding Shotgun – solid, straight up hard hitting rock – the “headliners” if you will that most people were there to see. And there was maybe 100 people at the peak. I ended up meeting them through and music promoter I met… More on him later.

Short of Able – decent

Wildheart – if Neil Young and Tragically Hip and Aerosmith had a three way… It was pretty fun rock music with a long haired rock star attitude and a girl on bass.

London Swagger – they were also really decent. I tore off half way through…

Now, I met “The Original Kid Rock”… A completely crazy music promoter guy who kept wanting to take my photo with his glasses and gloves as props. He’s been around the scene forever and has his picture with everyone. I hung out with some of the other guys who were music lovers or in the scene during the 1970s… Good stories. Good times.

Day 2:

I think anywhere that says limited passes accepted is the place to be on any given night. The Grand Hall Black Box… A dark dirty basement venue with a really great lineup.

Tim Chaisson – PEI native and his cousin. Acoustic guitar, banjo, and fiddle music. Really great sound. Has played all over the world.

Rob Moire – straight up acoustic, but jittery. I’ve seen poets like this in the past… Sometimes the crazy takes away from the music. It was losing steam, as the set went on but he seemed into it.

Jake Smith – aka The White Buffalo. Solid. Holy crap. Blew me away. Played until at least midnight. Obviously had a gang of faithful followers since most of the people in the front were from elsewhere (a gang from Ottawa) and this was the only show they were seeing. I was lucky enough to get in with my pass as there was a ticket price for this event and the brochure said tickets only… But I went anyway… I can’t say enough about how easy it is to get to see these folks up close and personal.

I then caught the tail end of the upstairs act, Hunter Valentine. All girl rock and roll. Was a fun show! They seem to have a fan girl following if the bathroom conversations were any indication.

I ended up back at Cherry Cola’s to catch the late night acts.

The Suppliers, The In & Outs.

Then I met Ian, bar owner and music promoter from Newfoundland, who of course talked my ear off and knew everyone. We wandered over to Bovine Sex Club to check out The Mercury Now… Then I remembered from Kid Rock that there might be some late night shows at Lee’s Palace or The Horseshoe… No such luck that I could see. Lee’s looked closed up and The Horseshoe was wrapping up when I got there. I ended up wandering back to my hotel.

I’m looking forward to seeing what’s happening tonight. I hear there are some spontaneous things that crop up… After after shows. Looking forward to the rest of the week.

And then I find out that Canadian Film Fest panels are happening at The Delta Chelsea Hotel today. So, I’m going to run away now for some of those.

I’ll report my findings tomorrow.

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