CMW Day 4 – Many Convergent Things

As I watch Seven on TV, I’m going to reflect on the things that happened today…

14 hours on a film set working with a talented team was pretty cool. I didn’t make it to Sandra Bernhard, despite being in the building, but I did end up seeing her in the performers entrance where we were shooting today. It’s odd seeing celebrities in the wild because they’re people first and foremost, doing a job… Same with the principle actor on set. He’s just a total pro.

Then I took a small breather and went to Cherry Colas for Strangers and Static In The Stars where I ran into friends Lisa and Ben, from Ottawa, of all people, in all places.

Then Ian from the Rawk and I went to Bovine Sex Club for Dearly Beloved and The Hideout for Bend Sinister and then back to Cherry’s for Holy Toledo and Thee Attacks.

Then we got talking with the Australian band, Strangers, they’re loving Canada. Just coming off SXSW, and heading to New York City on Monday. Totally cool guys. And they spend time in Melbourne as a regular gig. So I told them about Mary Mae. They were totally impressed that a movie I wrote was playing over there and that they were playing over here. Thought it was a pretty small world.

So far this week has been fairly excellent!

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