CMW: The Wrap

So, it’s been a little over a week since my Canadian Music Week Adventure started in Toronto…  I almost didn’t make it there, with the shit weather on the 401 and me facing two oncoming transport trucks.  Not a good time, but the rest of the week made up for it…  in spades.

Here’s the lineup I caught on stage…

Day 1: Steven Branchaud (Brantford), The Pistolwhips (Saskatoon), 20 Amp Soundchild (Pickering), Riding Shotgun (Toronto), Short of Able (Edmonton), Wildheart (Toronto), and London Swagger (Oshawa).

Day 2: Tim Chaisson (PEI), Rob Moir (Toronto), The White Buffalo (LA), Hunter Valentine (Toronto), The Suppliers (Calgary), The Ins & Outs (Montreal), and The Mercury Now (Toronto).

Day 3: Day Off

Day 4: Strangers (Sydney, AUS), Static In The Stars (Vancouver), Dearly Beloved (Toronto), Bend Sinister (Vancouver), Holy Toledo! (Toronto) and Thee Attacks (Copenhagen).

Day 5: Strangers (Sydney) and Dirty Water (Toronto)

Day 6: Blackie Jackett Jr. (Toronto), Scott Kempner and Glen Matlock.

5 Days: 25 shows. I could have seen a million more bands, big shows, more popular people…  Next year is all out.

During those 6 days, I was also a PA on two movie sets, all-day shoots, and attended a panel about the state of the Canadian Film Industry…  And I watched a whole lot of TRASH TV in my hotel – Vanderplump Rules, Real Housewives of Vancouver, an entire Bar Rescue Marathon, and the pilot episode of Bates Motel (which was alright!).

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