Daily Protein

One trick I learned at Greco with respect to keeping my weight in check was eating more protein. Or taking it as a supplement to my diet. As a woman, I hardly ever eat enough. It took reprogramming my brain to figure that out. Protein has a thermogenic quality. It burns more calories with its nutritional breakdown in your stomach. And, it’s used to build you, so best to eat higher quality protein.

If you can add just a few ounces of some kind of protein at every meal – cheese, cottage cheese, eggs, salmon, tuna, chicken, etc., and cut back a bit on the wheat or high sugar carbs, you’ll notice a difference. Especially at breakfast. I started back to taking a high quality protein shake (Greco brand) in the morning, and I no longer have the cravings that I had just a few weeks ago. It’s an organic whey protein from… New Zealand… But you can find high quality ones that are cheaper. Watch for filler ingredients and high carb counts. You want your protein to yield as much per scoop as possible to get the full benefit. Not all protein supplements are created equal.

The guys at FitShop or Popeyes are on hand to help you out.

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