Taking on Projects and Learning to Say NO

My new evaluation criteria when someone approaches me with a project:

1.  Am I going to gain any experience or pick up a skill that I don’t currently have?

2.  Is it going to further my screenwriting or film industry goals?

2.  Will I have fun?  Is it for a good cause?

3.  Will I lose money or make money?

4.  How involved do I want to be?  What are the expectations?

I’m no longer taking on many projects where I shell out my own money unless I am gaining one helluva a load of experience or it’s gonna make me the money in return, and it has to be “fun”.  See the questions above.  They will be asked.

I am no longer getting left with the shit end of the stick while others go run around and deal with their lives while I suffer and do the work.

I will continue to work on personal and passion projects, but they must be balanced with paid endeavours.

That’s my new thing.

I’m going to say No to just about everything…  Unless it’s really, really appealing.

I think life is about to get way way quiet.


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