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10 years out…

I’ve been going through some of my old things in the past few days… I keep an awful lot of stuff but I manage to give or also throw away as many things. My intention for this next month or so is to shed even more stuff, become lighter on my journey so I can be even more free than I already am.

One of the things that I found was an old picture taken of me during my time on the Board of Governors for my College…

All I could say was … WOW. I look like shit. Severely overweight, tired, and really burnt out. Seriously… I look about 50 and I was only about 28. That was an eye opener. I don’t even know who she is.

How did I let myself get there? By not being happy.

I’m really a different person now… Literally and figuratively. Sometimes it’s great to keep reminders of the past and make a vow to never go back from where you came.

I will never look like that again. Thank fuck.


Two new PRs!

Back on my meal planning and so far it’s going really well.  Down 4lbs in about a week.  Not bad at all.

Hit two Personal Records today at the gym too!

1.  I did 65kg x2 on the Sumo deadlift.  Wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but there it was.  I was only able to do 1 a few weeks ago.  Everything just felt good today!

2.  I was able to do 5 sets of 6 shoulder presses at 22kg (missed the very last one of my last set of 6).  A few weeks ago, I couldn’t lift the 15kg bar over my head.

All in all, a pretty good day.

Toronto Screenwriting Conference & WGC Awards…

I’m heading there this weekend to TSC 2011.  Then, Monday night, I’m going to the Writers Guild of Canada Screenwriting Awards.  Lots going on here, lots left to do.  I feel behind.  Will I ever get caught up?  Taking my work on the road with me.  Going to Kingston tomorrow night to visit with a friend then heading to Toronto on Friday.  Looking forward to the train ride.  Been a long time since I’ve done that.

Got some good workouts in this week too.  Getting stronger and faster.  My trainer set out a new routine for me for the month of April.  I bought a scale (something I thought I would never do) since I only check in once a month now.  It will keep me accountable.  Also going to work on a meal plan too.

As I said, lots going on here.

Four off the floor! (at 115lbs)

I’ve been working up the Sumo deadlifts.  Cracked 115lbs off the floor 4 times on Wednesday.  Yay for me!  A little tight in my lower back after, but it felt good today.  More reps at a lower weight will build up some capacity so I can keep progressing…

On another note, I setup my TRX System the other night.  I don’t have a ceiling anchor, so I’m using a MacGyvered door mount (a 5″ pipe and a hand sewn strap), and so far I’ve been doing between 40 and 60 assisted squats, working my way up to doing a pistol squat, and some recline rows.  I’m also doing pushups at home now.  Working my way up to 10 sets of 10.  They’re coming along.

Chinups too.  I can hold at the top now.  My own body weight.  Lowering and raising are other issues, but working on that too….

Tools I’m picking up: Gymboss and a good quality skip rope.  Slowly building my arsenal….:).





115lbs for a new PR for the sumo deadlift…

…on Saturday, and then I stalled.  My brain shut me down.  It’s happened before.  It will happen again.  It’s like my back became unhinged and I shutdown.  It’s a protection mechanism, I know, and it’s a warning sign.  Still I managed to get the bar up once with 115lbs.  That’s a 20lb improvement over where I was just two weeks ago.  I can’t be too sad about that. Work my way back up again slowly.  I lost my focus.  It’s in the legs and when I try to lift with my arms, it all goes to hell.  Learning….all the time.

As for the rest of the PT session on Saturday, my legs and arms are in moderate amounts of discomfort today.  I know I did something, like the 100 squats and the hold and hang for the chinups.  Those are coming along.

On a side note, I went to see The Social Network last night with a friend.  At the root of it, the way it’s written, it’s a love story – boy meets girl, boy makes a mistake and loses girl, boy is upset and rebels, boy tries to get girl back (in the meantime, making a shitload of money).  I find it amazing that the most socially inept and brilliant person, could understand the human condition so well, that he designed something that would fuel the needs of so many to be the “rockstar” among their group of friends.  I find socially awkward people, who also happen to be gifted or slightly evil, very fascinating.  All of the “success” books would tell you that you need to be charismatic to be successful, or at least be good at influencing people to follow you.  In some cases, you need to be the total opposite.  You need to be so self involved and so confident in your own direction that it takes precedence above all else.  There’s another school that says you need to be observing and open to new ideas all the time.  I think that is almost more important these days than being charismatic.  You never know where the next great thing will spring up.

I’m reading: Crafty TV Writing.  What a great book.  Learning so much about TV writing.


I know, I know…haven’t been here in a while.  I promise to more diligent….but there’s alot of stuff going on here.

As for my weightlifting, on Wednesday I sumo-deadlifted 110lbs.  If anyone remembers, I was inching my way back up to 100lbs.  The most I had done until then is 90-95lbs.  I felt good, doing 1 REP Max testing, so I just kept going.  I likely could have pushed 115lbs, but now I have something to go for next week.  I hope this strength wasn’t a fluke.  I happened before where I was able to do all these assisted chinups one week, and then….only half the next week.  Arrrggghhh…frustrating, but I hope this time it lasts.  I feel stronger.

If anyone is reading this, and going through their own journey…keep up the work.  It only gets better.


Today, we worked solely on techniques that I can use in my training.  It was a physically exhausting kind of day, but good all the way around (despite the fact that I’m sore as all get out…)

I did about 45 minutes of skipping, on and off.  When I was a kid, that was all easy.  Now, not so much. Skipping is a challenge though.  We practiced normal skipping, alternating feet, split feet, cross-over and the double-under.  The last two were much more involved, if you can imagine.  We didn’t stop til I got them a few times, to at least prove that I could do it.  It’s easier to do when you think less.  Less brain involvement, more involuntary movement.

After that, we worked on kettlebell swing techniques.  Strapped up with a band to the rack, we did a bunch of balance exercises, where you have to kick your hips out while retracting your knees so your legs are straight.  Then we strapped me up, one band to the rack around my hips, another band around the back of my knee held by my trainer.  I felt like I couldn’t move.  Then, did kettlebell swings.  All kinds of kettlebell swings.  Then some swings with the band attached to the bell and secured by my feet on the floor.  All in all, it was a helluva workout.

Then, I did another 305 rotations with alternating feet skipping in about 5 minutes – last week I managed 500 regular rotations in about 4:30 minutes (best yet!).  I’m sure there was some more stuff in there, but I can’t remember.  I know we tried to do chinups, but my legs were so burnt, my hamstrings shot, I couldn’t even get my leg down.  It was kinda sad.

That was after a powerful week of working out, whereby I did lots of upper body stuff on Monday, tons of Sumo deadlifts on Wednesday, and 100 pushups, 30 modified tire-lifts, about 15 minutes of weighted lunges.

What a week….not to mention everything else that went on this week.  No wonder I was so burnt out last night.