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Big Rig Kitchen Brewery – This is not a food blog… But today it is…

I find myself at Big Rig, a new local brew pub… Mostly because my niece’s husband works here now making beer and LOVES IT… So I thought I would share.

Big Rig is out by the new Ikeaplex in Nepean on Iris. It’s a comfortable atmosphere, with high ceilings, and comfy sitting areas. And, even though its run by an Ottawa Senator, it doesn’t have an “in your face” sports bar feel. A few TVs here and there, and mostly in the bar area. The wait staff is fast. It’s hopping for a mid-day crowd and the music is suitably top 40 appropriate.

My steak was a perfect medium rare with lots of marbled fatty goodness so the flavour was great. The stout was chocolatey, as the menu promised.

A twist on traditional apple pie for dessert and a strong coffee.

I’ll be back.


New gym bag – hand-made by a local artisan ONLY $30!

by a local artisan!

Hand-made gym bag!

If you’re looking for a great catch-all bag for your gym stuff (or for general shopping), look no further.  My mom made this nifty hand-made bag, and it holds all my gym gear – 2 pairs of shoes, skip rope, bands, chalk container and extra bits and a notebook!  It could probably hold more since it made of crochet cotton so it’s stretchy.

If anyone wants one, she’ll make them for $30 each.  You may not get the same colours, but she’s been doing this a long time and owns her own store, so she knows what colours she has that will go well together and won’t steer you wrong!

Let me know if you want one by leaving a reply (or send me an email if you know me) and I can put you in touch with her.



Had our second Linchpin meetup tonight.  More great people, more good times.  Tonight I was mostly chatting with the guys who own Free Form Fitness in Ottawa.  Cool guys – Jean-Luc & Rob.  So many talented and connected people in this city – fitness, art, tech, etc.  The best part is that we are all so motivated to do more, and be more.

The lesson from the night (and a great quote from the 1st X-Files movie) – “Pick up the phone and make it happen!”

Everything we’ve done wrong….

I was watching the Carl Safina TED lecture tonight.  100 years ago, my ancestors would not have been able to see this at all.  The most they could have hoped for was a blip in a paper that they may have read about the oil spill in the Gulf.  A letter from a relative perhaps.  They would not have been as easily impacted in their daily lives.

With the Internet, we are allowed to witness our own demise.  We are a witness to our own slow destruction.  We are one of the first sliding windows of humans to be able to do that.  We are witnessing the destruction of our planet at our own hands.  It started with television, it is continuing with the Internet.

When you see something like this, does it make you mad?  It makes me upset.  What can I do?  I drive a car.  I require oil products.  I need them to drill for oil.

I agree.  All the things that have gone wrong are the symptoms of a deeper cause.  Not many people give a crap, and we need to wake up.

I got the best quote from a friend – “98% of society is asleep, and the other 2% are looking around in absolute amazement or abject horror or both.”

Watch this TED lecture and tell me this guy is wrong.

What are you doing with your cognitive surplus?

Watch this video by Clay Shirky on Cognitive Surplus

This video speaks to what I have been talking about for a while now – “The Theory of the Sleeping Class”.  I will write about it more in the next few weeks.  Basically, I think modern society has created two different classes of people – the Producers and the Consumers.  He mentions something like this in his video.  It started before the television, but certainly jumped leaps and bounds because of it…..Kinda ties into “The Theory of the Leisure Class” too.  If we have more time for “leisure”, then what on earth are we going to fill our time with – tada!  Television.  And who better to advertise to than to a bunch of captive Consumers who are watching the content that the people in TV land created.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are very informative shows out there.  However, for the most part, in our world of “Hundreds-of-channels TV Universe”, the Producers produce things/content to keep the Consumers entertained and lulled into a steady delta brain wave state.  Imagine, like what is said in the video, what we could accomplish, for instance, if everyone who played “Farmtown” (or whatever the heck it’s called), actually got involved with an urban garden and grew small patches of crops?  Or, what about all those video game hours, or hours watching soap operas/reality TV.  Life is WAY more interesting than a soap opera if you look around, and your friends and family should be about all the “reality” that you can handle, no?

More later, I’m only getting started….

I simply love this guy…..

Seth Godin.  Starting reading his stuff a while ago.  Check out this entry.

“You don’t want everyone. You want the right someone.”  —  Seth Godin