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On Wednesday, I had the chance to attend a cooking class at The Waring House in Prince Edward County with a friend of mine at her invitation. Much fun was had. I really enjoy cooking, simply, with fresh ingredients. It doesn’t have to be complicated. We made most of our meals with tomatoes as the base, even dessert (!) and everything was so delicious. Definitely going to be sourcing lamb tenders in Ottawa to switch up my usual red meat fetish.

As a matter of coincidence, everyone in the class was from the Ottawa area.  Four ladies on a girls getaway, and a mom and dad taking their son to university in Toronto, and the two of us. The son was going into Film as one of his concentrations, so we struck up a conversation and perhaps I got him to think about how he could be a producer in the film industry…  (wanted to be involved, but hates the hurry up and wait that being on set sometimes involves). My friend and I ran into them again at the pub and again at breakfast the next morning.

We had some good chats over some beer beverages at the British inspired Pub about Iceland and all the adventures this family had there, as we too are gearing up for our own Icelandic escapade. I for one am looking forward to the all fish menus. I love fish, ever since I was a kid and catching speckled trout with my dad. I was never a big fan of cleaning fish back then, but I’m sure it was just because I thought it was groddy (and my dad would do it anyway). Now it likely wouldn’t bother me. As much.

The Inn itself had a charming old British Garden feel as well. Along with a fresh herb garden where we pulled the ingredients for our meal.

The room we shared was a funny throw back to a simpler time as well. The bonus – a private hot tub!  We had a VCR in our room, so I took the opportunity to kick back at the end of the day with the movie Cocktail, mostly for shits and giggles. My god….  Movies from yesteryear drag, don’t they? I think I may have missed the end…  Does Tom Cruise get the girl? 🙂

All in all, if you find yourself down in that part of the world, the cooking class was A-1. The Chef was a laid back and very knowledgeable fellow and had extensive experience to draw upon. A real treat.